A health Insurance is the protection you need to counteract the high costs of health care in the united States and be protected in case of any event of accident or illness. In addition to maintaining regular check-ups a day, with one.

It is a tool of financial support to protect your loved ones or relatives in case of absence and a lot better than it currently allows you to protect the policy owner in the case of a serious illness or injury because they allow you to receive that money in life to resolve this situation.

Types of Life Insurance 

Deductibles are the values in amount, which you must take and the insurance policy will not cover you. For example, your health insurance policy states that you have a medical emergency, the first $1000 of expenses may not be covered by the insurer. So if you spend 5000 company will only cover up to $4000.

Co-payment for your party are the are the values in amount, you have to assume for the medical services, for example, $10, $20 or more that you pay in a medical consultation to attend to this.

  • A member of the larger Family that depends on your salary 
  • The people who need help to reach your retirement
  • Families with children with special needs 
  • Those with dependent children 
  • A young couple who plan to have children 
  • A homeowner current 
  • A person who organizes the distribution of your assets through Estate Planning.

Most of the people choose between Two (02) types of life insurance: the term life insurance that guarantees payment of a monthly fee for a set period of time after that period, the payment will be adjusted to the age of the insured, this option gives you more coverage for a lower price, permanent life insurance, the price of which remains level for the entire life of the insured, and has a component of cash value that generate interest for what you want.

Medical insurance work very similar to other countries, you assume a monthly fee or annual, which depends on your age and personal conditions and the insurer is contracted to assume the commitment of cover before an event of illness, accident or regular check-ups.

Obamacare is NOT an insurance doctor, yes. Obamacare is the help that gives the federal government TO BUY health INSURANCE. In 2014 it was established the law of health care and, based on this and based on your income, the federal government granted a “tax credit” to buy a health insurance. their income are determinants in this process.

A private medical insurance is the one that gives you a health insurer private. Normally this does not have federal aid as Obamacare, to buy it, you must assume the full cost of their health insurance, without the federal aid on your income. Usually these are applied to people, where their earnings are high and do not qualify for Obamacare.

Medicare is a federal program to cover people over the age of 65 years. (Medi: doctor, care: care in English). Provides Medicare health coverage and the other to the third age and when we arrived to the established age you have endless benefits on health insurance.

Medicaid are state and federal programs for low-income individuals, or specific health conditions. (Medi: medical, aid: aid in English). These people may not buy a private health insurance, you can't even buy Obamacare for their low income. Medicaid is “otorgable” by federal and state agencies empowered to these effects, for example: department of children and family. (childrens and family)

Enroll in a health insurance is very necessary, but it is essential that those who enrolled to know guide to choose the most appropriate. A health insurance agent will know the right steps to avoid mistakes, understand their needs, to take you to choose the right insurance. Hence the importance that you sign up with one of the Health experts and Life. We guarantee our enrollment services with the utmost professionalism.

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    The medical bills and recovery after an intervention. They are one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in the united States. 

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